Titans vs. Thunderhawks

by Colton Hager

With the women’s 2016 soccer season upon arrival late last week, the lady Titans kicked off their season with an away game at Prairie View High School on March 11.

It took the Titans and Thunderhawks offense a night to find a groove against each other, and with the weather conditions both teams played extremely hard with great pace.

“At the beginning of the game I was fairly confident that we could pull out a win because of how well we did against them last year, but I was nervous because we both had many new players on our teams and I wasn’t sure how well we would play with this being our first game,” junior Sierra Smith said.  

Going into halftime the Titans were down 1-0, entering the locker room having to re-evaluate their game plan.  

“At half time I guess I was nervous that we were down but I was excited to start the second half and come out even stronger because I knew that once we got one goal we would get our confidence back,” junior Sierra Smith said.

Scoring four straight, unanswered goals, the Titans now led with a score of 4-1 coming out of halftime, with goals credited to four different Titan players: sophomore Anna Barkey, senior Ashton Barkey, junior Laura Wysocki, and senior Tara Pelton.

The Titans maintained their fierce style of play in the second half, only letting up one goal to bring the score to 4-2, still in the lead.

“It was nice to start off with a win, and I am excited to see what the rest of the season brings,” Laura Wysocki said. “I was just excited and happy, and thankful to finally have some supporting fans.”

The Titans (1-0) will now prepare for their battle against Rocky Mountain (Fort Collins, CO). The Lobos come into the non-league battle with a 0-0 record.   

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