Girls Soccer Spring Season Preview

The 2015-2016 season is shaping up to be a memorable one.
By Tara Higgins

Led by new head coach Gil Barkey, this year’s girls’ soccer teams are in for an exciting season. This week, prospective players continue preseason training leading into tryouts for all levels – varsity, junior varsity, and C level – on Feb. 29. The team is currently working on training middle school students in a week-long camp.

My expectations for the season ahead are that every level competes in every game and carries through with our defined team culture and identity in every practice and game,” said Barkey. “We have a very experienced varsity team that knows what it will take to be successful in our league.”

At the beginning of the season, the energy level is high and team players are excited for the upcoming season. Right now Barkey is focusing on getting his teams ready to make it to playoffs and anticipates watching them grow this season, becoming better and smarter players.

Senior Becca Kholos, who will be playing varsity for her last year, agrees that taking it “one win at a time” will help the whole team to come together. With so many new members this year, training right now is primarily based on playing to everyone’s strengths.

As part of the 8th period sports training classes that debuted in the fall semester, varsity team players will also be practicing then. The additional training will provide more opportunities to work on team-building and communication.

I’m looking forward to coaching this group because they are coming together nicely as one,” Barkey said, “and whenever you can get that cohesiveness and foster that team accountability, a lot of great things can happen.”

For more information and team rosters, click here.

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