A High Schooler’s Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

singleDon’t fret, there is a way to enjoy February 14th without being in a relationship.
By Madeleine Kriech

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and high schoolers are either preparing themselves for a day of happiness or loneliness. All the single ladies, and boys, will most likely be lounging around their rooms doing nothing. But why does being single on Valentine’s Day have to suck so much? It’s time for us single people to go out and have some fun.

But what, exactly, does this so called “fun” look like?

For sad loners:

If being home alone reminds you of how single you are, go out for a change; go see the latest action movie or go bowling. What you decide to do doesn’t have to be centered around love.

For your basic introvert:

If you are an introvert and you would prefer to stay that way, there are plenty of things you can do at home. First off– treat yourself; bake yourself a cake or go buy some cookies; you need nourishment for the day ahead. There is always the most obvious choice of watching Netflix, just try and pick a show that won’t make you feel bad about yourself.

For those who enjoy company, but want to stay in their sweats:

Now you might not know if you want to go out or not, but there is a solution: throw on some comfy clothes and invite your friends over. Now you and your single friends can have a dance party, blast those jams, and let your hair down. Why bother being sad when you can jam?

For those who enjoy independence:

Of course not all single people are sad on Valentine’s Day, and if that’s you, congrats: you are the next step in human evolution. Use your evolutionary powers to go cheer up the sad single people; tell them that a significant other isn’t needed to have a happy life.

If reading all this still has not cured you from your sorrow, there is only one thing left to do– tell you the straight up facts about why being single on Valentine’s day is a good thing:

  1. You save money. No S.O. means that you don’t have to buy anyone a gift.
  2. You get to have a day of relaxation. You don’t need an excuse for why you aren’t going out. If all your taken friends are out, then you get to stay in and not feel guilty about it.
  3. Valentine’s Day is like a second Halloween. Go buy and eat that cheap candy and chocolate.
  4. Being alone on a day about love helps you become more comfortable with being you–embrace your singleness and rock it.
  5. Take the day to reflect and understand what is really important in your life; it could be your friends, the roof over your head, your cat, your new jeans, anything.

Take this advice and go have the best single Valentine’s Day anyone could have. Don’t pity yourself–embrace yourself.

From the single Newspaper Staff to you, enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

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