Work Hard, Play Hard.

How students manage to juggle, both work and play in high school
By Dani Martinez

High school is a juggling act. We all try to balance homework, friends, family and sports. Some students, however, add holding down a job into the mix. Staying afloat is a challenge as is, especially when having the responsibility of the workforce on their shoulders.

Holding a job gets hard at times, but it can also be a positive. Having a job on top of family, school, friends and being a part of the Poms team can be a little hard to manage but I make do. I make sure I make time for each part of my life,” sophomore Taylor Lakomy, who works as a hostess at The Egg and I, said .

The benefits seem to outweigh the cons for many students, as they get experience and lessons that they would have never learned while at school.

Having a job has taught me that people aren’t always going to be nice and positive and you have to learn to deal with that with a smile on your face,” Sophomore Emma Jones, who is also a hostess at the Egga and I, said .

Making the decision to start looking for a job is one thing, but getting up off of the couch to start the hunt is the biggest step towards the right direction.

I wanted to make money to be able to do the things that I like to do and also to save for life after high school. I knew that getting a job would also immerse me in the business world and give me work experience to be able to get better jobs down the road and understand the system,”  Junior Noah Bergford, employee at Chik-fil-a said . “I was always asking people for money and I could never go anywhere fun with my friends,“ Lakomy agreed.  

They have plenty of advice to share with students who are either on the job hunt or are considering looking into starting their search.

“Having a job is a serious matter,” Jones advised. ”You can’t slack off or procrastinate or else you will be fired.”

Another key factor when looking for a job, is the flexibility the employer has with schedules

It is important to get a job where your employer will be flexible with your schedule in regards to school and to any events you might do outside of school. get a job where you will be comfortable with the managers and employees. Don’t settle for just any job, but get the right job for you.” Bergford said.

They also advise however, that having a job isn’t necessarily the right path for all students.

“Having a job takes time out of things you could otherwise be doing. Sometimes students with jobs are going to have to sacrifice things they wish they could do for work. If you have a job you will have less time to do homework at reasonable hours,“ Bergford said.

Jones brings up the idea, that for certain students, having a job may not be the right choice.

“If someone is overwhelmed with sports and school work, a job would not be a good option.”

Choosing a workplace however, is the most crucial part of the entire process. The place and the people is what can make or break someone’s job experience.

“The working environment is extremely professional, clean, and positive. The franchise that I work for only hires the best, so I knew that I would be working with people who have similar values as me and who are hard workers.” Bergford said. .

Aside from the tough hours, rude customers, and homework piling up, everything is worth it at the end of the day.

In the end, it’s so nice to know that you’re making your own money and not depending on other people.” Jones said. .

Part of the experience of working while still in high school is also the close-knit group of people that you work with

It is incredible getting to meet new people every day and having the chance to make a difference in someone’s day in a positive way. It is always nice making people laugh and smile.” said Bergford.

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