The Titan of Teachers Talent Show reveals Legend’s greatest stars

Kicking off Wish Week 2016, Legend’s most talented – or at least the most enthusiastic – teachers share their special gifts with their students
By Tara Higgins

For many students, it is difficult to imagine what their teachers’ lives are like outside the classroom. Even more unimaginable is just what they do with their free time, although it appears some of Legend’s most beloved instructors have quite a few talents they were happy to share with their students.

This year’s Titan of Teachers talent show kicked off a busy Wish Week, showcasing acts featuring everything from singing and dancing to athletics and drumming. With all proceeds going to support Make-A-Wish, students crowded into the theater to watch their favorites perform.

Third place was awarded to Social Studies teachers Mr. Nick Rider and Mr. Colin McCusker, who relied on a variety of tasty props to demonstrate their athletic skills. Although they sent a bag of chips and various fruits flying across the stage, the student judges clearly enjoyed the act.

A close second-place finish went to social studies teacher Karen Johnson, whose showstopping singing accompanied by senior Paige Bronson struck a heartfelt chord with the judges. After her swim team was responsible for planning the talent show two years in a row, Johnson passed the task on to Student Government.

“It allowed me to just relax and have fun performing,” she said.

But it was English teacher Mrs. Amanda Bucher who stole the audience’s hearts with her original dance routine to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” sung by math teacher Ms. Kendra Schurich. When an adorable photo of her baby Uriah was projected onto the curtains, everyone could feel the love.

“I really miss dancing so it is always fun to get back on the stage for a night,” Bucher said. Her performance was highly deserving of the top prize of the night.

Just as notable was ceramics teacher Mr. Kalen Thornton’s catchy tune and drumming beat, as well as Spanish teacher Mr. Darren Withey’s impersonation of a bachelor knight in shining armor, who searched fruitlessly for his bride among four teacher princesses.

Overall, the night produced a host of talented teachers who proved their readiness to walk the red carpet anytime soon. If nothing comes of their talents just yet, at least they have Legend to call their stage.

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