Orange is the New Blue

Seeming to follow the recent trend of changing things for no apparent reason, Legend has now added orange to the school colors.
By Madeleine Kriech

When you walk through the doors of Legend you are surrounded by blue. Blue lockers. Blue doors. Blue handrails. Blue logo. Everything is blue. But this year, the school decided to add orange to the school colors. Why?

“We were fine with the other colors,” said junior Sam Hooke. “Now we just have to spend more money on incorporation orange.”

Students were told that we didn’t have enough colors. What? We have royal blue, navy blue, and white– that’s three, a perfect amount. Then we were told that we needed a pop color. Why do we need a pop color? Royal, navy, and white create a slick and classic look– one that is pulled together and clean. After that we were told that no other high school in Colorado has orange and blue as their colors. Um, I wonder why… Could it possibly be because the Denver Broncos’ colors are blue and orange? We now look like we are trying to be the Denver Broncos.

“It makes us look like posers,” said junior Luke Lyman. “If they try and make our senior color orange and not gold– that’s just ridiculous.”

When we came back from summer vacation we were greeted with a whole new look– new logo, new gym accessories– all incorporating orange. My eyes burned. It was and is ugly. As a graphic design student, the logo with the orange hurts me. It makes me physically ill. I don’t think that the people who picked orange understood that just because they are complementary colors doesn’t mean that they have to be paired together.

“I don’t know what it represents,” said junior Jaden Jessop. “It was nice to be different from other schools and not have warm colors.”

Another real issue is the shade of orange they chose. Not sunset orange. Not burnt orange. Flat, basic, plain, ugly orange. This specific orange is my least favorite color in the entire world. Anything you add to this orange makes it look like a five year old made it.

“I don’t want that on my uniform,” said junior Melanie Miller.

It was suggested that lime green be the pop color rather than orange. Much better than orange, but then we would be Seahawks colors. Broncos versus Seahawks– I wonder who will win.

Whether orange was added for effect, or it’s just administration’s favorite color, it’s sadly here to stay– or so they think. I will continue to protest it, though. If you agree with everything and anything I just said, please express your thoughts. Let’s keep the blue, and only blue, in Legend.

And remember. Go Legend– blue and white… and orange!


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