Out with the Old, In with the New

sat1Colorado has decided to replace the ACT with the SAT, affecting all high school juniors across the state.
By Madeleine Kriech

The state of Colorado has decided to throw out the ACT in favor of requiring all high school juniors to take the new SAT. After a bidding process required by new testing reform legislation, the state Department of Education chose The College Board, who makes the SAT, over the ACT testing company. The decision to switch was made right before Christmas in 2015.

“It’s an extremely unfair move, given the timing,” math teacher Mr. Landon Wiederstein said. “At a minimum, they should have made the decision right after last year’s ACT.”

Luckily, for this year’s juniors, the Department of Education has decided to wait until 2017 to switch to the SAT. The Department stated that it would be not in the student’s best interests to switch up the tests after they have been preparing for the ACT their entire schooling career.

“We’ve been doing a lot of ACT prep from the time students were freshmen to where they are now as juniors,” Principal Jason Jacob said. “A lot of the things teachers implement within their curriculum are around ACT benchmarks to try and prepare students for [the  ACT].”

Since 2001, Colorado schools have prepared their juniors for the ACT. Now, some shifts will have to be made in classrooms across the state.

“In my math classes we do an ACT warm up, but we will have to change that to an SAT warm up,” math teacher Kendra Schurich said. “And it will affect more classes, especially those geared towards the ACT.”

Current freshmen and sophomores will begin to start SAT prep in their homeroom classes, while juniors continue to prep for the ACT. In the upcoming school year, all prep will be centered around the SAT.

“There are going to be some shifts in order to help students as much as we can to get ready for it,” Wiederstein said.

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