New Team, New Dream: Volleyball’s hard-hitting 2015 season

How varsity volleyball managed to rebuild their team from the ground up, and yet still have a season for the history books
By Dani Martinez

Challenges are what can make, or break, a team. They set apart the good from the great. Legend’s varsity volleyball team arose to the challenge this season, starting with an entirely new team. However, obstacles don’t seem to faze the girls as they finished the season making the state playoffs.

I would summarize our season to be full of hard work and dedication. It definitely had its highs and lows, but I loved every second of it,” junior Hannah Haveman said.  

The theme present in this year’s season is the fact that the team was one unlike Legend has ever seen before. Girls on the team came together not just to win, but to create memories that would last a lifetime.

“I think this team stands out from prior teams because we all worked so well together and really meshed to form a great bond and a hard working team.  My high school experience has been amazing with all of these girls and they made me a harder worker and I made some of my best friends by playing with all of them.” Haveman said.

Teammate junior Kayleigh Thompson agrees that the bond of the team is deeper than the hardwood planks of the Coliseum, and thicker than the walls of the school.

“Our team this year had a friendship that went beyond just the volleyball court. Some of us have played together since age eight. The greatest thing that set this team apart from all the others, is the unity of the team, and the way we worked together no matter what.”

The highlights of the season remain fresh in the minds of the players: the amazing wins and triumphs that came out of the team’s dedication and perseverance.

“Our team’s greatest achievement was winning the Regis Tournament and making it to the state playoffs. I am looking forward to playing with all of the girls next year and work hard to make it to state again,” Haveman said.

Persistence, determination and the commitment defined the team this season, as Thompson also described. Success in volleyball comes not from the individual players, but their ability to come together and succeed as a team.

“Volleyball has definitely taught me the importance of team-work, but also the importance of always being willing to learn and work hard each day. Team-work is the only way to be successful on the volleyball court because not one position or player can succeed without the other,” Thompson said.

On and off the court, the team learned that it is hard work is what attributes to success.

“Being willing to work hard not only in volleyball, but in everything, is the biggest key because none of the greatest things come easily, but when they are achieved, it is the greatest thing in the world.” Thompson said.

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