Stage Left

By Lindsay Baumgartner

A large part of the culture at Legend comes from our performing arts. But what most students don’t know is that every year our Theater 3 classes create and perform in a children’s show.

“[Basically], the classes brainstorm ideas, choose one, and write the play together. It’s a true collaborative process,” Julie Lachance, Theater 3 teacher, said.

The shows are coming together quickly and will be presented on April 18 at 10 am and 11 am. Each class wrote different and unique plays.

“My first period chose to do a show about the ‘real story’ of the monsters that live under the bed called ‘Monsters Under the Bed,’ and period three is doing one about a brother and sister that are sucked into a book of fairytales and have to find their way out. Theirs is called ‘Ethan and Emily and Their Fairytale Adventure,’” Lachance said.

The intended audience is ages five to twelve, but the goal is for everyone who attends to enjoy the shows.

“We have done this every year since Legend opened and it’s always been awesome. The kids take the reigns and have a lot of fun,” Lachance said, “This year’s shows are really creative, and are different from past years because they involve a lot of music and choreography, which is new for the children’s shows.”

Unlike the fall play and spring musical, the children’s shows are directed by Theater 3 students. “Monsters Under the Bed” is directed by Lizzy Clark, Delainey Wiley, and Lauren Lopez-Ota, with Caitlyn Stobbe as stage manager. “Ethan and Emily and Their Fairytale Adventure” is directed by Sarah Devenish, Anna Elliott, and Krista Violet, with Dakota Nelson as stage manager.

“The classes are working together so well and I really get to sit back and be a facilitator,” Lachance said. “They are unbelievably creative, energetic, and hard-working. Best theater kids in the state, no doubt. I absolutely adore this group of kids.”


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