Relay Jack

By Grey Shipman 

Track like any other sport is a commitment that requires time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. Senior Jack Perkins, who runs long sprints like the 400m, the 4x400m, and occasionally the 200m, has his own reason for deciding to go out for track his senior year.

“I just wanted to stay in shape,” Perkins said. Perkins, who started as an upper end Junior Varsity runner, has climbed the ladder and now sprints for Varsity.

According to Perkins, track is just as hard physically as it is mentally. He has his a simple routine before his meets to ensure that his body can operate at peak performance. He knows what needs to be done in order to prepare himself mentally and physically.

“I make sure I don’t eat any bad food the night before and always stretch well before my heat,” Perkins said. “If I do these things the right way, I know I will have the best chance possible while I am running.”

Even though track requires a lot of work it does not prevent the meets and practices from being fun. Everyone on the team enjoys being a part of the meets and appreciate each other’s company.

“I like track. All of it is fun, since I’m doing it with friends,” Perkins said.

Perkins is hoping to make a bid for the state track meet, but realizes that he needs to shave off some more time in order to make the cut. Even if he doesn’t make it he is sure to be an ardent supporter for his teammates that do.

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