Titan Tennis

With time, the Titan tennis teams improve as the season goes by.

By Olivia Daniels and Miranda House

Tennis: a game that challenges two individuals to work as one. A close game between Legend and Heritage, leaving a score of 8-6, was a well-played and valiant effort on our Titan doubles team sophomore Mason Widdison and junior Dallin Weech.

With each serve, and every return, a strategic game of tennis unfolded on Legend High School’s tennis courts in the late afternoon of Sept. 21. The doubles team moved swiftly and in sync as they battled to win each match. Even though there were unfair calls, our boys displayed good sportsmanship throughout the game. “They said it was out, but it was in the line, and if we had gotten that point we would’ve had another chance to win the game,” said sophomore Mason Widdison.

Close matches like these bring out the best in athletes. Widdison started playing tennis his freshman year at Legend. It was the first time he’d ever held a racket, and he hasn’t set one down since. With persistent dedication to the sport, he went from “having no coordination with the racket what so ever,” says Widdison, to achieving a well-earned spot of JV 6.

So what advice would Widdison give to aspiring tennis players? “Go at it with a good attitude, and you and have fun while you learn,” said Widdison. In spite of his accomplishments, he remains humble and a good sport as he continues to strive for greatness throughout the rest of the season.

Where Legends Are Tested


The hard-fought battle between the Wolverines and the Titans.
By Tara Higgins

The Titans lost spectacularly to the Chaparral Wolverines 24-7 last night, breaking Legend’s undefeated streak. The game was a highly anticipated one, and Parker rivalries ran high throughout the night.

“I think this was a display of what happens when one team is able to run the ball and another team isn’t,” head coach Monte Thelen said of the team’s performance. Legend scored its first touchdown at the beginning of second quarter, while Chaparral scored three touchdowns, one halfway through the first quarter. The other two occurred in the fourth quarter.

“We had our fair share of mistakes,” senior cornerback Trey Hagler said. “Overall, I think we [the defense] played well for how long we were on the field, and we turned the ball over a few times.”

Varsity right guard junior Spencer MacDonald agrees. “Marc [Muma] and Zach [Hrovat] have been able to run the ball all year really well. When Chap took that away we turned into a one-dimensional team. That’s what beat us.”

The loss was somewhat offset by the always fun powder throw, which had Legend fans sporting blue and orange chalk stains for the second half of the game. The Titans’ support surely helped to rally our team to its fighting end.

“I think maybe we needed this [loss]. We’re definitely going to improve,” Hagler said. “Chaparral has played better teams than us, so it just makes us hungry to get a lot better.”

Aside from the greater appeal of high school football, last night’s game was accompanied with a greater goal. Both teams turned the night into a fundraiser for Officer Dan Brite, who was critically wounded on Sept. 3 just outside Sierra Middle School. Despite the crushing loss, the town of Parker banded together to support him and his family.

Legend’s Tragic Soccer Loss

How Legend lost to ThunderRidge.

By Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema


On Sept. 21, Legend’s C team played ThunderRidge in a head to head home game. Before the game started, students and parents could talk and watch their sons play in a tough game. Legend lost 4-3 against ThunderRidge. “I feel that we lost because we did not commit enough and we didn’t come to the game with a good mentality ,” said sophomore Adam Anderson.

Anderson thought the game would be the same even if he played goalie, which he usually plays. “I was on most of the attacks on the back and keeping the ball on the attacking half,” Anderson said of tonight’s game. All in all, Legend should have won instead have lost, but Legend will come back and crush their next opponents.

Freshmen Volleyball Takes an Unfortunate Defeat

“We’re a team…No matter what happens.”

By Jason Burke


Sept. 20, the sixth game of the year.  And our Titans go home with a crushing defeat, making them 3 – 3 in the record.

The game started off with a bright glimmer of hope, leaving the ladies victorious in the first match.  However, they weren’t as fortunate in their next two matches.  The Rock Canyon Jaguars took control of the next two matches and sadly overcame the Titans, leaving them with a bitter taste in their mouth and an urge to fight harder.

“I think we had decided to just play without purpose or just going through the motions rather than playing like we wanted to win, which caused us to lose our lead and the game,” said freshman Paige Smith.

Volleyball is a game of knowing where you are, where your teammates are, and having a fighting mindset.  Smith personally believes a lot of things could have been different.

“I would try to change our mindset first because that was the main reason we lost, but our passing was also rather bad, so I think I would go back and work on passing and defense more so we could actually get set up,” said Smith, “and also, I’d change how careless we were about getting in the net because we lost an unreasonable amount of points because of players being in the net.”

Even though Smith does have a lot to say about what went wrong in that game, she also believes a lot of things went right.

“I feel like a few hitters did really well adjusting to the setters sets and a few players had good hustle throughout the game,” said Smith, “and another thing is that almost every player was able to realize and hold themselves accountable for their mistakes because especially in the next practice, I could see that we wanted to get better.”



Best Teen Bass Player in Colorado

Jake DeMarco wins radio contest.

By Quinn McDowell


Over the summer, KBPI 106.7 held a contest to find the greatest guitar and bass players in the state. Sophomore Jake DeMarco felt like he was up for the challenge, and entered himself, winning the title of best teen bass player in the state.

DeMarco started playing bass when he received one for his 13th birthday. “I’ve practiced a few hours a day,” DeMarco said, and “about six on weekends.”

DeMarco and his band, The Pedestrians, recently played in the Homecoming parade. His band consists of him on bass, and sophomores Henry Daniels on lead guitar and Josh Martin on drums. Jake has worked hard on his individual bass playing, but he also works hard with his band. In the future, regarding his bass playing, “I always want to improve as much as I can,” said DeMarco.


Dive in Deeper

A quick look into one of Legend’s newest (and slightly controversial) clubs, Philosophy Club.

By Henley Holland 


A new year spells new beginnings for Legend Titans, and the creation of Philosophy Club is no exception. With the help of Mr. Allen, a new teacher to the Legend family this year, Sophomore Alexandra Huff managed to finally create her idea of Philosophy Club. “I am expecting that kids delve into their souls and discover the answers to life’s most difficult questions,” said Allen of the club. With this club, students are able to delve into topics normally considered controversial or taboo, and freely discuss them without fear of judgment.

The first meeting, on Sept. 20 after school, drew a huge turnout, with over 60 kids showing up. Once everyone settled in, they went right into discussing the possibilities for Philosophy Club. Huff, the club manager, went on to share her idea of making the club a place for “peace, love, and positivity.” This is the first time Legend has had such a club, one where open minded thinking and unfiltered discussion is encouraged and even expected.

The club takes place every Wednesday after school from 3:20 to 4:20 in Mobile 10. “The cool thing about a philosophy club is that it can help kids find the wisdom necessary to overcome all sorts of adversity,” Allen says.

If you enjoy philosophy, or even just want a space where you can discuss your thoughts freely, this is a place now available for students to attend as they please.

The Crowd Goes Wild

The Titans beat Castle View 1-0 in a fan-fueled match.

By Caleb Stuart


The Legend Titans beat the Castle View Sabercats 1-0. Our team was led by captains seniors Chace Trevino and Azur Ewari, and junior Sam Gardner. The goal was scored by junior Larry Kruger. The Sabercats did score a goal, but it was called back by the referee because it had gone through a hole in the net.

There were some questionable calls during the game, and the players on the bench were arguing some of the calls in order to protect their teammates. “Soccer is more of a team sport,” coach Jordan Ivey said.

The Legend fans were also part of the team by questioning the calls.  One of the Castle View coaches was given a yellow card for challenging a foul. The Castle View fans were not happy with the call, while the Legend fans were thanking the referee for his great work on the field.