JV team’s tragic loss

By  Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema

On Oct. 20, Legend’s JV soccer team played the Heritage Eagles in a tight head-to-head home game, losing 1-0. Heritage’s only goal came with a slight miscommunication with the referee and Legend’s team. Heritage took the ball from Legend, ran with it, and scored. When Heritage scored the goal, the referee never blew the whistle, causing chaos with both teams, parents, students, and fellow teachers. The game then continued with Heritage keeping the goal and Legend losing the game.

“I felt that we were really tough in how we played today,” sophomore Tanner Martin said. “I also feel that we can always make improvements and become stronger together as a team I also thought we became a lot closer in this game then in the past.” Martin felt that he did very well in this game, but he could improve in some areas, such as scoring and passing the ball to other teammates. 

“You know what they say, you either win or you lose,” Martin said of their last game of the season. Despite the loss, the JV team finished the year with the respectable record of 6-6-3. 

Falcons Crushed by Titans

How Legend took on and destroyed Highlands Ranch.

By Jason Burke


There’s a point to a struggle.  A reward in a time of sorrow.  A satisfaction in the brutalization of the enemy.  The lady Titans found that satisfaction, by overcoming the Highlands Ranch Falcons in the Oct. 17th volley ball game.

Our ladies took the Falcons for a crash landing in a brutal 2-0 victory, leaving no chance for Highlands Ranch to retake the game.  The girls were able to outsmart the Falcons, changing up plans and attacking patterns.

Titans are known for their strength, bravery, and ability to pinpoint their foe’s weaknesses.  Our Titans struck where the Falcons couldn’t reach, aimed their attacks at the girls who couldn’t handle a spike, and stood strong in the confidence of their team.

However, where the Falcons really had their wings clipped was in their communication.  Far too many balls were dropped and early celebrations were had to secure them any form of victory.  However, the Titans were strengthened because of their communication.  Every girl knew where to attack, how to attack, and when to attack.  The ball was always passed to the right setter and the set to the right attacker.

With these strengths, it was the Titans’ destiny to win.  Adding another victory to their books is only the beginning of these girls’ legacy.

Presidential Debate or Terrible Sitcom?

Debate between Trump and Clinton very childish.

By Quinn McDowell and Caleb Stuart

After a week of attacks on both sides, the candidates met at Washington University in St. Louis on Oct. 9. With less than a month until Election Day, the second debate was shown in a town hall format, meaning audience members get to ask questions directly to the candidates. Going in, tensions were high, as for the first time the candidates didn’t shake hands at the beginning of the debate.

This is a very consequential debate for Donald Trump. After a tape came out on Friday, Oct. 7, where Trump was recorded saying very misogynistic things about women, many high ranking Republicans have pulled support for him. They and the Republican Party as a whole have said that if Trump didn’t do well at the debate, they will pull their further support and funding. This debate, if Donald Trump didn’t do well, could cripple Trump so close to the election.

It was a very childish debate between two people running for the most important job in the country. Donald Trump consistently complained about the moderators and the job they were doing, and Secretary Clinton was dodging questions she didn’t want to answer. Clinton quoted First Lady Michelle Obama at the beginning, saying “When they go low, we go high.” Clinton tried hard to stick to this, but sometimes she came off as childish, such as when Trump pointed out that First Lady Michelle Obama had made some nasty remarks regarding Clinton during her husband’s campaign.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Clinton won the debate. Despite this, the Republican Party Chairman, Reince Priebus, states “We’re sticking with Trump.”  However, other Republicans, like Paul Ryan, are refusing to campaign with Trump.  According to Real Clear Politics, Clinton has most likely won at least 115 votes while Trump has won at least 49 votes.

In the end, the debate turned into an argument over who had done worse things in their past: delete emails or brag about groping women. Our take on this? Just because Trump did a nasty thing 11 years ago does not mean that he can shrug it off today.  “It’s just locker room talk,” said Trump.  If Trump is not kind to people privately or publicly, how can he be fit to run the United States of America?

Softball Hits It Out of the Ballpark


Legend Softball wins 6-0.

By Sam Johnson and John Pacheco

On Oct. 5th, the Legend Titan softball team had their senior ceremony and senior game against Ponderosa High School. They won by a landslide, destroying Ponderosa 6-1.

“The game was filled with a lot of emotion,” centerfield senior Jesse Smith said.

Since the beginning, the Titans had the lead, the score being 2-1 Legend by the third inning. They never gave in, and never gave Ponderosa a chance to come back. Their pitcher, senior Kailey Kumor, did not make it easy for the Mustangs to get to base, and the rest of the team made sure that they would not stay there for very long.

They weren’t out for themselves, either. They cheered for one another, helped each other out when they were feeling down, and had no trouble getting loud to support. Having this amazing spirit throughout the entire game, you could tell that they were having fun. You could also tell that this team is close, and are not afraid to show it.

“[My favorite moment] was when my name was called at the ceremony, and my friend [junior] Alyssa Nunn came up to me and started crying,” Smith said. “We’re not afraid to show our emotions to one another.”

With great pitching, great outfield playing, and  all around great spirit, Ponderosa never had a chance.

Legend Crushes Regis

Legend’s astounding volleyball game.

By Jason Burke and Zach Mellema


On Oct. 4, Legend’s stupendous Varsity volleyball team brought their A game. Legend went head-to-head in an exhilarating volleyball game against Regis. This game was held at no other than Legend’s Coliseum.

In the first match,  Legend demolished Regis 25-9. Many of the players used techniques that Regis couldn’t handle. Every time Legend had the ball, we took our opportunity and ran with it, constantly attacking the Raiders ruthlessly. Continuing in the second match, Legend had to use sportsmanship and determination to beat Regis. Ending extremely close with a final score of 25-22, Legend kept it together and won the second game.  In the final match, the girls came together and pushed back against the Raiders’ attacks with much more gusto, taking back control of the game and closing out the night with a final score of 25-15.

On this night, the Lady Titans established their place in the gym.

Taking down Regis was a huge step in the right direction after their loss to Rock Canyon.  The Titan volleyball team can now be feared with their triumph against the Raiders.

In other news, both the players and the Crazies came together in an epic night of support for breast cancer awareness.  The players wore pink shirts over their jerseys, while the Crazies had a pink out.  Many players also took members of Patrick’s classes out onto the court to meet the other coach.  A moment of silence was held to honor Patrick and his family.

Legend C Team Soccer Takes a Loss

Legend loses to Grandview 7-0.

By Quinn McDowell and Zach Mellema

On Sept. 30, Legend’s C team played Grandview in a tight head-to-head home game. losing 7-0.

“I feel that we could have played more defensively. On the other hand, coach said that we have been putting in more effort,” sophomore Aaron Spencer said.

“We need to connect our passes more and communicate better than we have been. I also want to get better at scoring goals because we had missed shots that should have been taken,” said Spencer.

All in all, Legend should have won instead have lost, but the team will come back and crush Regis on Oct. 5th.


A Jump. A Set. A Spike.

Freshman volleyball takes a win again Douglas County.

By Jason Burke


On Thursday, Sept. 29, our lady Titans took a commanding victory over the Douglas County Huskies, leaving them defeated in a final tally of two matches to zero.  This puts our Titans at a record of 4-3, once again proving that when they pull together and play, they’re unstoppable.

Even though the ladies did take the victory, it wasn’t an easy score.  In the first match, things were looking grim.  The Huskies had a lead over us 23-21, only needing two more points to close out the match.  Proving their Titan ways, the ladies fought for that victory in the first match, sending out starters Peyton Burke, Lia Bonnell, and Clara Hosman to finish out the game strong.  They ended the match with a final score of 25-23.

The girls learned from their mistakes in the first match, and made sure not to make them again in the second.  The Titans pulled together and gave the Huskies little room to score.  Our ladies closed out the second match with a comfortable lead of eight points.

“In the end it came down to teamwork.  We made a lot of mistakes in the first match that we just couldn’t afford to make again,” said freshman Peyton Burke. “Volleyball is a lot more complicated than people think.  It’s a lot of positions and specialties that people don’t know of.”

Outside hitters.  Middle hitters.  Right hitters.  The libero.  The setter.  They all work together to hold up the team.  With the outside being the most consistent attackers and the right hitters usually having the strongest attacks, they come together to form orders and attacks the other team won’t see coming.  The middles are usually the tallest girls on the team, blocking for every attack that the other team tries to make.  Every second touch should be made by the setter, who’s constantly forming an attack plan and choosing who is the best attacker for the situation.  The libero can also be referred to as the defensive specialist.

“They’re the best passers on the team.  They know who to give the ball to and when to give it to them,”  said Burke.

Freshmen Represent

Legend freshman football team destroys Boulder High School.

By Miranda House

Freshmen are the newcomers to high school. The goal is to try and earn the respect from upperclassmen and to adjust to the new lifestyle of Legend. During a battle on Oct. 1, between our Titans and Boulder High School, they have achieved that respect.

Keeping the streak of a 5-0 winning record, the boys are proud to represent Legend. Freshman Ricky Hilton’s favorite part of playing on the team is “winning and supporting the school.” Whenever your team can score a win, it provides a sense of confidence in your team, and brings respect to your school. The boys made a valiant effort and were rewarded with that win.

According to freshman Cameron Geiser, hitting hard, running the ball, and defense are the team’s strengths, which was evident during the Saturday game.

The team is led by three motivated coaches who have the loyalty and trust from the freshman team, and their loyalty to their leaders and the game was demonstrated in the clearest view. The motivation for this team was “to keep doing what we learn, and to keep doing what we love,” Hilton said. The boys crushed the opposing team, leaving Legend proud of our newcomers, and ready to see their growth in the following years to come.

Forever and Always

Legend loses an extraordinary student and friend

By Kendall Napier and Brennan Petersen

Photo credit Legend SSN.

Patrick Zimmerman (Feb. 12, 2000 – Sept. 24, 2016) was a sweet, strong, and independent young man. He was born and raised in Colorado. One of Zimmerman’s favorite things to do was play lacrosse. He was a huge part of Unified lacrosse at Legend. Zimmerman loved Goldfish crackers, neon colors, and camouflage.

For many of Zimmerman’s friends and teachers, he will always be remembered through neon colors. “His personality was so bright, that when we wore the colors, it represented him as a person,” said senior ShaMari Scott.

Zimmerman’s legacy will live on through the memories people have of him. Coach and teacher Jeremy Dorr hopes that he can honor Zimmerman by creating an award for Unified lacrosse, which would also pass on Zimmerman’s memory. “Patrick taught me so much and put so much effort in everything,” said Dorr. “When he died, I lost a part of my heart. I am going to let his passing live through me.”

Zimmerman’s funeral service will be on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. at the Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Guests are welcome to wear camouflage or neon colors in memory of Zimmerman.